Rowheels'  pull-based propulsion technology can eliminate  the factors contributing to shoulder and wrist injuries in up to 70% of long-term wheelchair users. Kids driving a chair with Rowheels pull on the handrim to go forwards (backwards by pushing) using their larger and more capable back and shoulder muscles. The bio-mechanics of Rowheeling protects their developing upper bodies from injury and poor posture, strengthening their strengthening their back and shoulder muscles, keeping them healthy and active!

When deciding on what mobility device a child should use, there are various pros and cons that need to be weighed. Usually, using a manual wheelchair is the best option (when possible) given that it allows kids to stay active and mobile. Unfortunately, all that mobility comes at the risk of degenerative repetitive stress injuries due to shoulder impingement or wrist compression. Using Rowheels makes both of these issues much less likely and ,n the case of shoulder impingement, can virtually eliminate it. No other device on the market can improve posture, use all the upper back and shoulder muscles in a stable and ergonomic fashion, strengthen, and provide for daily exercise through self propulsion while eliminating or minimizing the risk of upper body injury.



LX Wheels Make Wheelchair Use Easier

REV-LX wheels are designed to reduce the force needed to propel a wheelchair by 25% compared to standard wheels. Kids want to be able to participate in as many activities as possible and with REV-LX wheels, going up ramps/inclines or traversing rough terrain becomes an easier task for them!



Growth? Not A Problem

REV pediatric wheels are available in a 22” (489mm) wheel size but we understand that kids will grow. REV wheels are designed  so the wheel rim size can be changed with a child’s growing needs. Just send us back the wheels and we can turn them into 24” or 25” wheels!*




Kid-Friendly And Compatible

REV-LX wheels are quick-release making them easy to take off and put on. Our latch clamp system makes engaging the reverse drive system as easy as pulling back on the handrims until the wheel’s engagement pin is captured  by the latch. REV wheels are compatible with popular K5 pediatric chairs like the TiLite Twist,  Quickies’ Zippy Zone, GS, X’CAPE and Zippie 2, Ki Mobility’s Rouge XP, Little Wave and Spark and Colours Chump.



REV pediatric wheels can be fitted with a variety of popular handrim and tire options. Our wheels come standard with red, white or black hubs but can be  customized with a variety of hydrographics for the tri-spoke hub as well as different colors or designs for the hub and spoke/finger guard*.


*Additional costs apply



REV pediatric wheels are covered by Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurance through HCPSC billing code E2227.


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